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Board of Directors

Matthew Hogan

Matthew Hogan, Esq.

Board Chair

Matt joined the Board because of his passionate belief that community-based advocacy centers can make a significant and positive difference in children’s lives and that the remarkable DCAC staff members who devote their lives to making that difference deserve support.  During his long tenure as a Board member, Matt has been instrumental in DCAC’s evolution from a small nonprofit operating out of a half-duplex on “Bail Bonds Row” to its current three-building, state-of-the art child-friendly campus in the Witter Cofield Historic District.  Matt’s efforts on behalf of DCAC and the City of Denver have been acknowledged with the Minoru Yasui Community Volunteer Award and Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service,  as well as his recognition on the occasion of the City’s 150th birthday as one of Denver’s 150 unsung heroes.

Shalyn Kettering

Shalyn Kettering

Vice Chair

Shalyn joined the DCAC board because she believes that protecting the rights of children is one of the paramount responsibilities of communities and that DCAC meets this responsibility with excellence and tremendous compassion. As a law student and the youngest member of the board, she is passionate about the importance of engaging younger generations in public service organizations like DCAC, and believes the DCAC staff is a community leader in understanding this type of engagement. Shalyn is currently a third year law student at the University of Colorado Law School, and also serves on the Human Services Committee of the Kettering Family Foundation, the Public Interest Committee at Colorado Law, and is the founder of the Colorado Law Student Non-Profit Partnership Program. She will clerk for Chief Justice Nancy Rice at the Colorado Supreme Court after graduation.

Janet Turner, CPA, MBA


Janet joined the DCAC board because she strongly believes that children are this world's future and we as a community must do all that we can to protect children and be their advocate in times of need.  She believes that the DCAC does a fantastic job of responding to children in crisis and providing ongoing support to the child and their families.  She is passionate about providing children in our community the resources to regain their childhood and become survivors and not victims.  Janet is a Certified Public Accountant and currently works as the Corporate Accounting Manager at Ardent Mills, LLC. 

Jay Ottoson

Jay Ottoson


Jay joined the DCAC Board of Directors to support DCAC’s extraordinary efforts to provide immediate response and ongoing services to child victims and their families.  Jay has more than 30 years of experience in the energy industry and currently serves as the Chairman of the Western Energy Alliance Board of Directors. Jay has also served on the boards of Centers for Children & Family in Midland, TX, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), and Boys & Girls Club.

Brandon Bontrager

Brandon Bontrager

As a member and leader within the community and as a parent, Brandon believes it is his responsibility to give back to the community and show his children the importance of giving back and making a difference in a community where we live and work. He has volunteered with Boys & Girls Club of Farmington, New Mexico, Habitat for Humanity in Denver, and United Way. Someone very close to him and his children is a victim of (child) sexual abuse and has recently come forth with this horrible trauma, 30 years after the fact. Her courage to deal with this trauma has given him the inspiration (and awareness) to help others become aware of and more responsive to these horrible acts. His hope is to help children in our community have the resources available to prevent their childhood from being taken from them and/or to regain their childhood. He has seen first-hand what this does to a child and how it affects the rest of his/her lift if not given the proper resources and assistance.

Michael Fadell

Michael Fadell, MD

Michael joined the DCAC board because he believes that DCAC allows him to care for children via a different avenue and he believes in the mission of Colorado's largest advocacy center. As the only physician on the board, he believes he brings a unique perspective. Unfortunately, cases of child abuse still occur too often and the preventive work that DCAC provides and advocates for is of tantamount importance if the incidence of abuse is to decrease.

Randy Jeffrey, MBA, CRS

After being involved in numerous children’s nonprofit organizations throughout his professional career, such as United Way, Boys & Girls Clubs, and Heart and Hand Center, volunteering to serve on the Board of DCAC was a natural progression for Randy. He became associated with DCAC through a client (and friend) who works at DCAC. Randy is passionate about giving disadvantaged children a hand-up. Although Randy does not have any children of his own, he has always been committed to helping children grow up as strong and healthy as they possibly can – both mentally and physically. Randy is a professional real estate agent specializing in helping Sellers, Buyer and Investors navigate the strong Denver real estate market.


Craig Johlfs

Craig Johlfs, CFP, CMFC

Craig joined the DCAC board because he believes that the identification, prevention and mitigation of child abuse is paramount for a healthy community.  Craig was introduced to the organization through the Denver Active 2030, where he is also a member.  After hearing DCAC’s compelling story and the need they serve, he volunteered for a board position.  Through his involvement in Denver Active 2030 and his contact with several noteworthy charities, he found his philanthropic passion in serving the at-risk youth in our community through DCAC.  In addition to serving the at-risk youth in the Metro Denver area, Craig also serves his community by providing comprehensive financial & investment planning services to individuals, families and business owners.  Craig is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ and has been with Waddell & Reed, Inc. for nearly a decade.

Sarah Laszlo

Sarah Laszlo, Esq, CPA

Sarah joined the DCAC board because she is passionate about protecting each child’s innocence and childhood. She believes in the importance of providing traumatized children with a safe place to meet all of their needs, including legal, medical and emotional needs, with minimal additional trauma. Sarah also believes in the importance of the education and prevention work of DCAC. She is dedicated to using her education and experiences to ensure DCAC is financially sound and will continue to serve the Denver community by protecting our children’s rights and giving our traumatized children a chance to heal and regain their childhood. Sarah is currently as senior manager at Deloitte Tax, LLP. She specializes in state income and franchise tax compliance and consulting.

Karen Loeb

Karen Loeb

Karen joined the DCAC board because of her training as a developmental psychologist and longstanding interest in child development, especially for those who have been disadvantaged, either physically or emotionally. DCAC is a critical resource in our community to help children tell their stories in a safe environment and receive appropriate free, bilingual services to help them heal from being witnesses to or victims of abuse. After retiring from a gratifying career with Bell Labs, Karen followed her passion around values-based leadership, with the opportunity to encourage undergraduate and graduate students at DU to lend their expertise to the non-profit world.  Karen is also an active Rotarian, completing many local and global projects that benefit children, including support for professional training sessions delivered by DCAC for those who work with children. She is married to the current Chief Judge of the Colorado Court of Appeals and has two young adult daughters.

Joe Pulichene

Joe joined the DCAC Board of Directors to passionately support the mission of DCAC and actively contribute to its overall success.  Joe believes that protecting the most vulnerable of society is a must, as is cherishing and respecting the innocence of childhood.   The work of DCAC preserves the dignity of even the youngest child and enables them to begin the healing and recovery process in a safe, caring and nurturing environment.  Joe believes that in this way, their young lives can be as full of potential, hope and wonder as every child regardless of ethnicity, race, religion and economic status deserves.  Joe is a 35 year veteran of human resources specializing in developing, implementing, communicating and managing compensation, rewards and benefits solutions.  Joe has held leadership positions in various business sectors namely heath care, manufacturing, food processing, fast casual food and energy production for well-known organizations such as SCL Health, Sara Lee Branded Foods, McDonald’s, University of Chicago Medicine and Exxon.  He hopes that his extensive business knowledge can benefit DCAC in many areas of need.  Joe recently founded M3 - Mission Minded Margins. M3 is a consulting firm that provides guidance to private entities and non-profit firms in human resources and organizational management. M3 teaches and encourages clients to establish sustainable social responsibility and promotes healthy, positive culture through value-based leadership and business practices. Joe holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Syracuse University as well as a Master's degree in Labor and Industrial Relations from Michigan State University.

Dan Pabon

Dan joined DCAC because he wants to give a voice to the most vulnerable children and families in the community he serves.  He believes that DCAC is making a very real difference for high-risk children through a network of public and private partnerships where professionals and community members come together to improve outcomes for kids.  After graduating with a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Colorado, Dan worked for a start-up software company, before deciding he wanted to help people more than machines and enrolled at the University Of Colorado School Of Law. As a law student, he earned several scholarships and worked for the Legal Aid and Defender Program, helping the poor and disabled obtain Social Security benefits. Dan is a proud dad and husband who is honored to serve in the legislature where he is a member of the Finance, Appropriations, and Judiciary committees. 

Mallory Revel

Mallory joined the board because she has used forensic interviews in the court system to obtain criminal convictions for perpetrators of child sex crimes.  She has a passion for seeing DCAC thrive because she understands the vital role that interviews play in holding defendants accountable for their actions. Additionally, she is appreciative of the comprehensive approach DCAC takes, including on-site therapy and prevention programs in local schools.  Before joining the City Attorney’s Office as a prosecutor, Mallory was also a prosecutor in Missouri, where she prosecuted sex crimes and crimes against children.  She has worked closely with several advocacy centers, both professionally and in a volunteer capacity.  Mallory is a member of several bar associations, and volunteers in fundraising for SafeHouse Denver, a local domestic violence shelter.