Colorado Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline:  1-844-CO-4-KIDS  (1-844-264-5437)

Improve Lives Today and Give Hope to Children for a Better Future

DCAC Impact Circle

When you give monthly to Impact Circle, your support provides forensic interviews and victim advocacy, mental health treatment, and preventative-focused initiatives.

Your monthly donation makes a lasting change for children who have experienced neglect and emotional, physical, and sexual abuse the services they need to heal — free of charge.

We need your support to create a lasting change!

How your monthly donation will impact Colorado kids in need:

  • $25: Prevention education for one student
  • $50: Transportation for a family to DCAC
  • $100: One therapy session for one child
  • $250: One child and family’s initial intake, orientation, and treatment
  • $500: One forensic interview & victim advocacy

Your monthly donation creates a circle of change!

As a monthly Impact Circle member, you’ll be a valuable part of our community to support these children in need and help us prevent child abuse in Colorado.

As a member, you will receive:

  1. A special welcome gift
  2. A monthly newsletter with important updates
  3. A tour of the DCAC center
Join us! Start giving now and join DCAC for a tour and our inaugural Impact Circle Breakfast on September 12th at 8:00 AM.
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