Colorado Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline:  1-844-CO-4-KIDS  (1-844-264-5437)

DCAC COVID-19 Response Fund


During this COVID-19 Pandemic, the Denver Children’s Advocacy Center is committed to continuing to serve our community as first responders. This means that our team of mental health professionals and forensic interviewers have often been on the front lines of this crisis supporting families in their hour of need. Our families and community need us and we need your support.

A closer look at our COVID-19 response per program:

Rapid Response

Our forensic interview team is on call 24-7 to be able to interview children who have been victims of abuse or neglect. This means going into the office and being extremely cautious about families health while also providing a sense of welcome and comfort. Our rapid response team works hard to help provide families and refer them to other resources they may need, including therapy services.


Treatment and Assessment

We know that the stress of sheltering place can exacerbate problems at home and lead to dangerous situations for children. We also know that while students are out of school the number of reports of child abuse decrease. We are working to make sure that our most vulnerable community members have the resources and strategies they might need to prevent abuse from happening. At the Denver Children’s Advocacy Center we are committed to always taking on new clients, no matter what. Our team is working around the clock to get creative and learn about effective telehealth strategies to be able to run therapy sessions from the safety of client’s homes. In addition, our therapists come into the office in shifts so as to make sure that they are available for urgent cases.


Community Outreach

Maintaining our relationship with communities all over the Denver Metro area is a priority for us at the DCAC. COVID-19 has meant that we’ve had to cancel our Spring events and resource fairs. We continue to meet with community partners on a daily basis to collaborate and work together to provide necessary resources for our families. DCAC is dedicated to continuing to run it’s free summer program for kids. Our team is preparing to run activities both in person and virtually to be prepared for what June will bring. In addition, we have launched a free webinar series featuring live and pre-recorded video sessions delivered by DCAC therapists on a variety of topics in both Spanish and English.


Now, more than ever before, we need your financial support. Know that when you donate to the DCAC COVID-19 response fund, you are helping us help hundreds of children and families in need. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.