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Give a Larger Gift at No Extra Cost with the CCCCC

The end of the year will be here soon, and now’s the time to finalize your end-of-year giving to save on your 2023 taxes. Did you know that if you donate to the DCAC, you may qualify for up to 50% of the donation amount back?

Your contribution of $250 or more to our Early Childhood Mental Health training programs may qualify for a 50% Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit.

The state of Colorado allows you to claim a 50% credit on your state income taxes for all qualifying monetary contributions (up to a total of $100,000) made by an individual, estate, trust, or corporation. This does not include stock, property, or gift-in-kind contributions. For every $1 you donate, you can earn $0.70 back in tax credit.

DCAC will provide a signed letter that states the amount of the cash gift, along with the DR1317 tax form certifying the childcare contribution.

Thank you for being a supporter of DCAC!

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