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Thank you, Mark & Phylicia!

Last Friday, Amber and Meghan, DCAC staff members, attended a birthday party for one of the DCAC’s newest supporters, Mark! Mark’s wife Phylicia planned a 50th birthday party for him with a special meaning. In lieu of gifts, they collected donations for DCAC. At the party, Amber and Meghan staffed the admission sale, sold raffle tickets, spoke about what we do, and met some amazing, new DCAC supporters. We are so grateful for Mark & Phylicia and all of the generous guests that attended the party! After a fun night of celebrating, DCAC received a donation of $3,355.

If you are interested in hosting a party similar to Mark’s or pledging your birthday to DCAC, please check out our Donate to Celebrate campaign or contact Meghan at

Thank you again, Mark & Phylicia & cheers to 50, Mark!