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DCAC’s Training Program Expands

DCAC’s training program has been expanding in 2017 and with the help of many kind individuals and organizations, we were able to conduct two trainings on Saturday, August 19th. The first training was conducted by DCAC’s Executive Director, Gizane Indart. This training focused on the Impact of Trauma on the Developing Child and was held in the Montebello neighborhood in northeast Denver. Around 65 individuals participated in the training and we are so appreciative of VOCA for this incredible opportunity. We also want to say a special thank you to all of the incredible Montbello organizations that contributed to this event’s success! 

Queremos agradecer a South West Launch Together y a Rosa Vergil por organizar la clase  ?Prevencion de Abuso Sexual? que se llevo a cabo el Sabado 19 de Agosto en ReVision. Durante la clase, DCAC y los participantes tuvieron la oportunidad de dar la bienvenida a Francesca Cordero, de la Universidad de Desarrollo de Chile, quien estara hacienda una pasantia con DCAC en los proximos meses. Bienvenida Francesca!

Thank you again to all attendees and organizers!