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But It's Contagious: The Impact and Effects of Working and/or Living with Traumatized Children

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Working and/or living with children who have been traumatized changes the caretaker in both positive and not so positive ways.

Understanding the Caretaker's Experience

But It’s Contagious! focuses on the internal and external changes that a caretaker is likely to experience as the direct result of their empathic engagement with traumatized children. Over the past years, different names have been used to describe this phenomenon:

  • vicarious trauma
  • compassion fatigue
  • secondary trauma
  • cost of caring 

All these concepts emphasize the idea that trauma is contagious and that it can be transmitted from one person to another.

Interventions for Caretakers That Work

The last segment of the presentation is used to describe different interventions to lessen the impact and effects of working and/or living with traumatized children. But It’s Contagious! is a dynamic and interactive presentation that requires audience participation. 

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