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Webinar: Trauma-Informed Care (English)

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A free webinar with Dr. Gizane Indart, Psy.D

(English Version)

Trauma is found in multiple service systems. It occurs as a result of violence, abuse, neglect, loss, war, disasters, and exposure to other adverse life experiences. The impact of traumatic stress, especially during sensitive developmental, is the disruption of multiple biological systems, resulting in physiological, psychological, social and behavioral problems. The need to understand and effectively address trauma is an essential component of effective service delivery. The growing awareness and acknowledgement that trauma survivors were being re-traumatized by the very systems that were designed to care for them made it necessary to change “how we do business.” The effectiveness of researched-based, trauma-sensitive treatments are either enhanced or diminished by the organizational culture, leadership practices, and conditions in which the services are delivered.

This training will explore the concept of organization as living systems and their sensitivity to stress. Participants will gain knowledge about how to make their organization more responsive to the developmental needs of clients who have suffered trauma and reduce the risk of re-traumatization. Principles of a trauma-informed system will be shared and the process for changing the language, practices, and policies of every part of the organization as a necessary step for achieving success. Participations will:

  • Understand the impact of the model of an organization as a living biological system that adapts to stress.
  • Gain knowledge of the principles underling the development of trauma-informed system of care for child victims.
  • Understand the concept of parallel process and its implications for organizational culture and therapeutic outcomes.
Dr. Gizane Indart

Dr. Gizane Indart is a bilingual and bicultural professional who has worked with traumatized children and their families since the early 1990s. Gizane is a ChildTrauma fellow at the ChildTrauma Academy under the direction of Dr. Bruce Perry. She speaks locally, nationally and internationally on the impact of abuse and neglect in early development, attachment difficulties in children exposed to maltreatment, and sexualized behaviors in children. Gizane is a member of the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, the Advisory Counsel for the Colorado Coalition of Adoptive Families, and the Florence Crittenton Board of Directors.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 9:00 am to 12:00 pm