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Toxic Love: When Offenders Enter the Family System

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Your child just disclosed to being abused…now what do you do? For most mothers the need to respond and protect their children is immediate but what happens when the mother is under the influence of the offender? This toxic dynamic between the mother and offender can often cause a scattered response of confusion and blame towards the child.  There are five “toxic responses” most displayed by mothers in this situation which impacts how they comply with the investigation, support their child through the forensic interview, and participate in therapy.  This training will highlight the red flags for each type, how to support these children during the investigation, and engaging these mothers in treatment.

Group and Student discounts are available.

Questions? Please contact:

Raquel Hernandez
Denver Children's Advocacy Center
303-825-3850 x303

Cathy Hay, LMFT
Courtney Palm, LMFT

Cathy Hay is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in trauma   counseling with children and teens who are victims of crime.  She has worked in this field   for the past ten years beginning her career providing dating violence education to teens in   California and transitioning into counseling after completing her Master’s degree at   Pepperdine University.Currently, Cathy is the Prevention Program Manager and Senior   Therapist at the Denver Children’s Advocacy Center. In addition to providing individual   and family therapy she also organizes and provides training on topics ranging from   preschool prevention to neurological effects o f trauma and PTSD.

Courtney Palm is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in developmental child psychology and forensic interviewing.  She divides her time between   working within the special needs population and the trauma community.  As part of her   job with Colorado’s early intervention program Courtney provides developmental   assessments, behavioral intervention, and attachment therapy to children with   developmental disabilities.  Previously, she contracted with Denver Children’s Advocacy   Center and Blue Sky Bridge providing trauma counseling and forensic interviewing, respectively. Her future project is to develop interviewing protocols for children with special needs. 

Thursday, February 21, 2019 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
EARLY BIRD: $55 before February 7th
Denver Police Department District 1

1311 W 46th Avenue Denver, CO 80211